Marblehead Impressions - Wine Stopper


Marblehead Impressions - Wine Stopper MA-MARB-HI-WINESTOPPE

Brilliantly creative!

Wine stoppers featuring Marblehead landmarks!

Choose from one of three Marblehead Landmarks:
Abbot Hall
The Old Town House
Marblehead Light

Our studio artists never stop creating. Their latest foray into product development created these gorgeous Marblehead themed wine stoppers.

Each wine stopper is individually molded and hand painted by one of our talented studio artists. Once the casting is complete and painted, a hand turned stainless steel stopper is screwed in with epoxy to ensure a long lasting joint and a high quality finished product sure to please the most discriminating person.

What an amazing gift for your favorite Marblehead wine drinker.
$35 In stock
Select your Marblehead Landmark Abbot Hall (0) Old Town House (0) Marblehead Lighthouse (0)