Girls Night Out for 3+

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Our private girls night out for 3+ package

This package is designed for groups of people 18+ in age.

We will open our studio for a private evening party of 3 people or more. $25. each additional person.

Each person can select 1 Bisque to paint up to $25 each. (People may choose to upgrade and pay for more expensive bisques or more than one at their own expense at event).

Weekdays 6pm-8pm, or Sat 4pm-6pm and or 6pm-8pm time slots available (sorry no Sun availability)

Date and time approval required to ensure proper staffing available Check by calling 781-639-2727)


Food and drink are allowed in studio, for a $25 cleaning fee.

Note: everyone attending must be 21+ of age, If 21+ refreshments will be present

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