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Many of our clients are schools, churches and charitable service ornganizations for whom we create unique items to support their organization’s fundraising and/or marketing objectives.

Our beautiful ‘creations’ can be used to:
  • Thank donors, employees or volunteers;
  • Expand membership;
  • Raise awareness and increase exposure;
  • Raise funds;
  • Commemorate a special event or anniversary;
  • Encourage repeat donations from existing donors by adding to the series;
  • Attract new donors
Recently, we worked with the Glover School in Marblehead, Massachusetts to create both an ornament (AmeriScape) and a miniature (VillageScape) of their original school building to help them raise money for artwork in their new school building (see photos at left). We also helped them with their marketing efforts.

Hestia’s beautiful keepsakes helped us raise the amount we needed for the artwork in our new school building. We were so pleased with all they did to assist us in our fundraising efforts. Mary Devlin, Principal, Glover School