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Companions Collection Nativity

A Unique and Artistic Way to Celebrate the magic of Christmas!

For many families collecting our Nativity has become a treasured tradition shared across multiple generations.

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Our Companions Collection Nativity is beautifully designed and carefully handcrafted by our talented studio artisans. Each figure, animal and accessory is molded of bonded marble dust and painted by hand. Gorgeous textural detail is carefully curated and added to each piece for a realistic and historically authentic feel. Our Nativity collection is a distinctive way to share the magic of the Christmas story with your loved ones and friends.

Companions Collection Nativity is inspired by both the American Folk Art and French Santons
traditions and features typical figures that might have lived in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus' birth, along with other historical figures. The entire collection is over 50 pieces including biblical and historical figures, and animals. There is also an extensive accessories collection to enhance your display.

Each year we add a new piece and retire an older one. Many of our retired pieces have increased significantly in value.

The wholesale prices of our Nativity individual figures, animals and accessories range from $14 to $75. Sets start at $140 and offer our customers great savings over purchasing the figures, animals and accessories separately.

See additional detail and our artists at work on our beautiful handcrafted nativity figures in our video.'

If you are a gift shop or other organization that like to offer our fabulous Nativity to your customers, call us today and speak to one of our Sales specialists!

3 Piece Holy Family Nativity Set 4 Piece Three Wisemen and Gifts Nativity Set 8 Piece Standard Nativity Set
12 Piece Deluxe Nativity Set - Holy Family, Stable, Ox, Donkey, Pots & Hay, Three Wisemen, Gifts of the Magi and Standing Camel Nativity Figure, Joseph Nativity Figure, Mary
Nativity Figure

Price: $65.00
Nativity Figure, Baby Jesus in Manger Nativity Figure, Wiseman Balthasar Nativity Figure, Wiseman Kaspar
Nativity Figure, Wiseman Melchior Nativity figure Angel  Sephora Nativity Figure, Angel Tamar
Nativity Figure, Elihu, the Shepherd Nativity Figure, Timaeus, Kneeling Shepherd Nativity Figure, Gideon, Shepherd Boy
Blessed Mother Teresa Figurine by Hestia Creations
Nativity figure Asher the Drummer Nativity Figure, Anna, the Prophetess Nativity Figure, Atticus Roman Soldier
Nativity Figure, Avi, the Cloth Merchant Nativity figure, Benjamin, Innkeeper Nativity Figure, Leah Innkeeper's Wife
Nativity Figure, Musad, Camel Driver Nativity Figure, Simon the Fisherman Nativity Figure, Zechariah, the Prophet and father of John the Baptist
Benjamin, Innkeeper and Leah his wife set Nativity Animal, Donkey Nativity Animal, Donkey Resting
Nativity Animal, Ox Nativity Animal,  Cow Nativity Animal, Pair of Sheep
Nativity Animal

Price: $48.00
Nativity Animal

Price: $48.00
Nativity Animal, Horse Nativity Animal, Standing Camel Nativity Animal, Camel Lying Down
Nativity Animal, Goat Nativity Animal, Goat Nativity Animal, Ram
Nativity Animal

Price: $32.00
Nativity Animal

Price: $32.00
Nativity Animal

Price: $32.00
Nativity Animal, Dog Nativity Animal - Canaan Dog Nativity Animal Set, Pair of Chickens
Nativity Animal

Price: $28.00
Nativity Animal Set, Two Kittens Nativity Animal Set, Lambs and Trough
Nativity Accessory, Stable Nativity Accessory, Pots and Hay Nativity Accessory, Olive Tree
Nativity Accessory, Campfire and Lantern Nativity Accessory, Star
Nativity Accessory, Large Trough Nativity Accessory, Set of Rocks with Flowers Nativity Accessory, Fruits and Vegetables
Nativity Accessory, Fish and Shell Baskets Nativity Accessory, Fish and Shell Baskets